Collabs with Bissell Brothers + Barreled Souls

Bissell Brothers is partnering with Elements Coffee Roasters to serve NITRO COLD BREW on draft at their Thompson's Point tasting room, made with a rotating selection of medium roast beans. Steeped in the same mash tun that was part of Austin Street's first brewing system, this is a collaboration six years in the making! 

DIONYSUS is now available in limited quantities on pour-over and in retail bags at Elements: Books Coffee Beer, and retail bags are also for sale at the Barreled Souls tasting room in Saco. Barreled Souls and Elements Coffee Roasters collaborated over the past month to create this special whiskey barrel-aged Honduras Cocamol medium roast with notes of caramelized orange, vanilla extract, molasses, hibiscus, cherry, and anise!