Monthly Coffee Subscription


Never run out of coffee again! Be an office hero! Give the gift of freshly roasted coffee shipped across the country! 

We'll ship whole bean coffee directly to you in 12 oz. compostable bags the first week of every month for the length of your subscription term. Shipping is included in the price when you purchase in subscription format. 

Choose between a 3, 6, or 12 month coffee subscription term, and select your preferred origin and roast level below. (Check individual product pages for tasting notes to help you decide.) 

To receive more than one bag per month, simply order more than one subscription. (For example, if you want us to ship you four bags per month for the next 3 months, then purchase four 3-month subscriptions.) 

IF YOUR COFFEE SUBSCRIPTION IS A GIFT, send us an email at elementscoffeeroasters at with the recipient's name and mailing address. 

IF WE ANTICIPATE RUNNING LOW on stock prior to the end of your subscription, we will be in touch to find a suitable replacement. PLEASE BE ADVISED that our Dionysus barrel-aged coffee profile changes every few months.